app-ads.txt FAQ

Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions (and answers) about HUMAN's ability to scan app-ads.txt files. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please reach out to a HUMAN representative for assistance. We’re always happy to help!

Do both MediaGuard and FraudSensor flag ad traffic for app-ads.txt violations?

MediaGuard flags traffic for app-ads.txt violations, but FraudSensor does not.

If an app is missing an app-ads.txt file, will MediaGuard still flag traffic?

MediaGuard will not flag traffic for app-ads.txt violations if the associated app does not have an app-ads.txt file. However, MediaGuard will continue flagging traffic for other criteria as necessary.

Does MediaGuard’s app-ads.txt flagging affect desktop web or mobile web environments? 

No, MediaGuard only flags app-ads.txt violations in mobile app environments. We do not flag traffic in desktop or mobile browsers.

Will traffic associated with an unauthorized app-ads.txt file count towards invalid traffic (IVT) percentages?

Yes, any traffic flagged for app-ads.txt violations is considered invalid and will be included in your MediaGuard IVT metrics.

Which apps are eligible for MediaGuard's app-ads.txt flagging?

MediaGuard assesses app-ads.txt files using IAB specifications, which support mobile app traffic from iOS and Android.

Does MediaGuard flag traffic for app-ads.txt violations if an app’s app-ads.txt file contains incorrect information?

Yes, MediaGuard will flag traffic for app-ads.txt violations if any fields in an app-ads.txt file do not match official IAB records. For example, if the IAB lists a publisher name as “AcmeCorp” and an app-ads.txt file incorrectly writes this publisher name as “AcmeCork,” we will flag any associated traffic for an app-ads.txt violation.

If a traffic source is not authorized by an app-ads.txt file, will MediaGuard flag all traffic from that source?

Yes, MediaGuard will flag any traffic that is not authorized by an app's app-ads.txt file. However, traffic to the same app that is authorized by the app-ads.txt file will not be flagged for violations.

Will HUMAN notify me if my traffic is being flagged for app-ads.txt violations?

Yes, HUMAN's traffic reports will include information about app-ads.txt violations. If you believe that your traffic is being mistakenly flagged, you should contact any associated publishers as soon as possible.