FraudSensor Detected Fields

HUMAN’s detection engine collects signals for a variety of fields relevant to your FraudSensor data. You can view data from these fields in the HUMAN Dashboard alongside your own client-defined fields.

Href Domain or Referring Domain: The domain from which a particular detection event was referred (e.g.,

True Domain: The domain on which the detection event occurred (e.g., HUMAN may not be able to detect the true domain for events originating from certain browsers, devices, or operating systems.

Page: The full URL of the page where the detection event occurred (e.g., If HUMAN’s detection tag is deployed within nested iframes, this field will be listed as “Unknown”.

Platform Type: The type of platform where the detection event occurred (e.g., desktop, mobile, or CTV).

Environment: The type of environment where the detection event occurred (e.g., desktop, mobile web, mobile app, or CTV).

Deployment Type: The type of detection tag associated with the detection event.