2021 Release Notes

2021/07/15 - v14.26 (Migration to Looker OEM)

New features


  • Split view into two dashboards: 
    • Traffic Overview: displays graphs and trends based on aggregate data that meets the conditions of the applied filters
    • Transaction Details: displays transaction-level data from individual events that meet the conditions of the applied filters
  • Added new visuals to highlight bot traffic insights (KPIs, trends, heat map)
  • Implemented non-case sensitive field filtering feature at the top of each dashboard
  • Deployed user-level filters that can be saved for future reuse and edited
  • Incorporated period-over period-comparison functionality to KPI visuals
  • Included drill-down capability into the underlying table data and heatmap data

Explore & Reports

  • Added ability to leverage Aggregate or Transactional data to create Explore views and Reports 



  • Redesigned existing visuals to showcase bot traffic insights (rates, proportions)
  • Displayed additional fields  (Event Type, Threat Category, Parsed UA) to enrich user investigation workflows


  • Unified the ability to configure custom views, reports and alerts under this section
  • Updated the UX and UI for configuring custom views, reports and alerts
  • Included additional fields that can be selected under Aggregate or Transactional data


  • Relocated report configuration capability from Reports to Explore section  


  • Enriched and contextualized the information displayed (e.g., showing autonomous system names instead of numbers)