Summary Overview

The Summary section of the HUMAN Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your traffic data across multiple solutions. This information is a near real-time summary of HUMAN’s analysis for any given solution and offers a high-level breakdown of traffic statistics.

Each HUMAN solution has its own dedicated page within the Summary section. Certain aspects of these pages are unique to each solution, but there are several common features shared between all solutions. 


If you are using multiple HUMAN solutions, you can switch between them at any time from the Dashboards drop-down menu. 

Certain solutions also have several corresponding dashboards: for example, BotGuard for Applications has a Traffic Overview dashboard, which displays graphs and trends based on aggregate data that meets the conditions of the applied filters, and a Transaction Details dashboard, which displays transaction-level data from individual events that meet the conditions of the applied filters.


You can use filters to customize the data that appears on the Summary page. Specific filters vary between HUMAN’s solutions and their respective Summary views, but Current Period Date Filter is used across all Summary views to adjust the time frame of data displayed.

Each filter consists of a constraint drop-down menu and a text field to enter your filter condition. For example, if you’d like to exclude a specific country from your traffic data, create a Country filter with the “is not equal to” constraint and enter “France” in the associated text field. You can also create filters with multiple constraints for more complex operations.

The Select Filter Preset drop-down menu lets you reuse filter configurations that you've previously saved. You can choose a filter preset from this menu to apply that configuration to your Summary data, or create a new filter preset from your current configuration by selecting Save Filter

After you’ve adjusted these filters, select Reload Refresh.png to update your Summary data.

Data visualizations

Each solution’s Traffic Overview includes multiple visualizations of your traffic data that meets the conditions of the applied filters. Although the specific data points vary between HUMAN’s solutions, each visualization includes a breakdown of several relevant fields and the data points associated with those fields. You can also view solution data in greater detail in the Explore section of the Dashboard.

To download the underlying data from a specific visualization, select the three dots icon in the upper right corner of that pane, then select Download Data. In the window that appears, you can customize the format and content of the data to be downloaded.

For more information about the data presented in these visualizations, please consult each solution’s dedicated Summary guide.

Note: Data visualizations can display a maximum of 5000 data points each.


Certain visualizations allow you to drill down on specific data points for expanded information about the events driving that data. 

To create a drill, select the data point (like a number, percentage, or point on a graph) you’d like to expand, then choose an option from the Drills menu. Each drill will open a new window with expanded information about that data point. You can customize your drill data with different visualizations and filters (where applicable), download the results of your drill data, or refine your data even further by creating additional drills.