Impression Sync (server-to-server)

The primary method for detecting tag evasion via Impression Sync is the server-to-sever (S2S) approach. S2S sync requires you to make a postback call to HUMAN every time you record an impression in a location where HUMAN’s detection tag is deployed, regardless of whether our tag detected that impression or not.

Every time you’re notified of an impression event, your server should make a call to the provided postback URL with information about that event. Similar to our detection tag, this information is passed via URL parameters. Any fields passed via S2S sync come from the same FraudSensor tag that was delivered with the ad, with the exception of the IP, User Agent, and Timestamp parameters (which are typically collected from the headers of the FraudSensor tag rather than passed through it).

If you’d like to use this Impression Sync integration, please reach out to your HUMAN representative. For a full list of parameters, consult our FraudSensor Parameters guide.