TLX Reporting Overview

What is TLX Reporting?

Transaction Level Exports, or TLX for short, are event-level reporting files that help you identify and connect high cardinality parameters like user ID, cookie ID, transaction ID or auction ID. Certain fields, including transaction ID (ti), prediction ID (pv), user ID (ui), and custom keys (r1-r10), are only available in TLX reports.

How often are TLX reports run?

By default, TLX reports are set to run once a day, but you can configure these reports to run anywhere from one to twelve times a day. Since these reports include event-level details, HUMAN recommends generating reports no fewer than four times a day to prevent each report file from becoming too large.

These TLX reports include data from every single recorded event. For example, if your FraudSensor tag logs 45 million events during the time period corresponding to a TLX report, that report will contain 45 million rows of data. 

How do I access my TLX files?

You can access your TLX files through the HUMAN Reporting API, Snowflake Data Marketplace, or the Reports section of the HUMAN Dashboard.

How can I get started with TLX reporting?

If you’d like to get started with TLX reporting, please reach out to your HUMAN representative at any time.